Ben Martin
Managing Director
Designated Safeguarding Lead

Ben is the Director of Peterborough Skills Academy, with a background of training in the automotive industry, he has a portfolio of team leading and management positions that have established his credentials as an education professional.  Ben is inspired by problem solving tasks and persistent in achievement, always keen to knock down the barriers and not put any up.  His business values are quality and efficiency aiming to meet targets whilst creating an excellent provision for training and personal development.  Ben’s goals and objectives for PSA are to build a flexible provision that meets peoples’ needs in a wide range of fields, not restrictive to the automotive industry.

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Christine Northen

Training Manager

Leonard Schwark


Rachael Pearce-Mann

Assessor/ Reviewer

Robert Herbert


Nicole Horne

Functional Skills Tutor

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Dave Mortimer

Tutor / Assessor

Deputy Designated

Safeguarding Lead

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Elizabeth Howarth

Recruitment Officer/

Deputy Designated

Safeguarding Lead