What is Prevent?


Prevent was created to address the threat posed by a variety of extremist and terrorist ideologies, groups, and individuals in the UK (To Pursue, Protect and Prepare).

It is about protecting people from being lured into extremism and ensuring that those who are vulnerable to radical and extremist narratives get timely advice and assistance. It is not different to any other form of safeguarding against harm.

How does Prevent affect you?

Educational Institutions plays a vital role in our constantly changing society by creating a healthy environment for students to discover, discuss and debate a wide variety of social and political problems by assisting learners in questioning misinformed viewpoints, beliefs and myths.

Therefore, diverse points of view can be heard, analysed, and questioned in a manner that respects equality, freedom of expression, and safety.

If you have any concerns you can email our Safeguarding team at or you can call us on 01733 516000 and ask for safeguarding.

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