PSA also offers students the opportunity to qualify in functional skills in the following:


- English Entry Level 3

- English Level 1

- English Level 2 


- Maths Entry Level 3

- Maths Level 1

- Maths Level 2


This is available to those who do not already possess a GCSE or Level 2 certificate and some of our apprenticeship courses require specific grades. 

Functional Skills provide an individual with the essential knowledge, skills and understanding that will enable them to operate confidently, effectively, and independently in life and at work.

Functional Skills Assessments are:

  • Designed to measure the competent application of skills within real-life scenarios

  • Test-based

  • Usually externally set but may provide for internal task-based assessments

  • Subject to rigorous quality assurance; students must be registered at the right level.


Functional Skills are part of the Apprenticeships framework.

 Functional Skills English assess three components:

  • Speaking, listening, and communication (SLC)

  • Reading

  • Writing

Functional Skills maths assess two interrelated process skills:


  • Non - calculator 

  • Calculator

Writing on the Board