What is 'Equality'?

Equality - is about treating people fairly and ensuring that everyone is given a fair chance, it is not about treating everyone the same.


Equality - recognises that people have many different needs that have to be met in different ways.


Diversity - is about valuing difference between individuals and groups of people.


Diversity - welcomes these differences rather than trying to get rid of them. It is only where diversity is recognised and celebrated that there can be real equality.

The Peterborough Skills Academy's Way 

The Peterborough Skills Academy’s Way Promoting equality and diversity will help us to get the best out of all our staff and improve our delivery. We don’t want a tick-box mentality or for people to take these issues seriously only because the law requires them to. We want them to be actively considering how equality and diversity interacts with what they do and how they do it.


Inequality of opportunity & discrimination in any form is, at the very least hurtful, destructive, cruel and wasteful. Unfairness will be challenged wherever and whenever we encounter it. We will not limit ourselves to those examples covered by legislation but will endeavour to fulfil our moral as well as legal responsibilities.


successful culture which embraces all aspects of equality & diversity will only be achieved through the support, compliance and goodwill of all our employees and learners